Using FIBC Bulk Bags In Landscaping

Landscaping businesses have to deal with a lot of materials in bulk — topsoil, mulch, wood chips, etc. Hauling and […]

Explaining The Science Behind Static Protection In Bulk Bags

Static electricity is a minor annoyance when you walk across a carpet and touch a doorknob. However, static electricity can […]

Why Bulk Bags Are The Smart Choice For Commercial Food Companies

When most people think of food storage bags, they imagine zip-top baggies used to keep sandwiches fresh in a lunch […]

Is It Safe To Store Bulk Bags Outside?

The question of whether or not bulk bags or FIBCs can be stored outside may not have ever occurred to […]

Procon Pacific Employee Promotes Education in China

Daniel Krassenstein, Director of Asian Operations in Shanghai, assisted in obtaining children’s books and delivering them to Dandelion Children’s Library […]

Procon Pacific employee participates in fundraising events in China

On October 18-19, the 4th annual Moron’athon took place.  The Moron’athon is a 24-hour ultra-marathon relay held in Shanghai. Teams […]

Procon Pacific’s Overseas Manufacturing Facility Certified As Kosher

On March 25, 2014, Rabbi Nussan Rodin performed a successful audit of the Procon Pacific manufacturing facility.  Responding to today’s expanding […]

Procon Pacific, LLC, the Leader in Global FIBC Supply, new facility earns AIB certification

Oak Brook, IL On February 18, 2014 Procon Pacific’s facility once again earned AIB certification. Steve Dry, CEO of Procon Pacific […]

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