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Using FIBC Bulk Bags In Landscaping

Landscaping businesses have to deal with a lot of materials in bulk — topsoil, mulch, wood chips, etc. Hauling and […]

Explaining The Science Behind Static Protection In Bulk Bags

Static electricity is a minor annoyance when you walk across a carpet and touch a doorknob. However, static electricity can […]

Why Bulk Bags Are The Smart Choice For Commercial Food Companies

When most people think of food storage bags, they imagine zip-top baggies used to keep sandwiches fresh in a lunch […]

Is It Safe To Store Bulk Bags Outside?

The question of whether or not bulk bags or FIBCs can be stored outside may not have ever occurred to […]

Procon Pacific Employee Promotes Education in China

Daniel Krassenstein, Director of Asian Operations in Shanghai, assisted in obtaining children’s books and delivering them to Dandelion Children’s Library […]

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