Procon Pacific has been recognized as the most trusted source in the bulk packaging industry for FIBC solutions that can meet virtually any requirement. What’s more, our extensive expertise and experience with FIBC manufacturing means we can provide you with the exact packaging resources you need based on your specifications and business goals.

For example, our Type B FIBC solutions feature superior protection against static electricity that can be created by the flow of materials into and out of bulk bags. Type B bulk bags are similar to Type A FIBC’s in that they are both made from plain polypropylene and/or non-conductive materials, and do not have any mechanism for dissipating static electricity.

The difference is unlike Type A FIBCs, Type B FIBCs are made from materials that have a surface breakdown voltage of up to 6kV. Because of this surface breakdown voltage, Type B FIBCs prevent sparks and propagating brush discharges. Type B should NOT be used in environments containing flammable solvents or gases.

Procon Pacific is now able to offer Type B FIBCs with a liner, meeting all requirements set forth in IEC Revision: IEC 61340-4-4 Edition 2 2012-1.

Examples of safe Type B FIBC use:

  • To transport dry, flammable powders with MIE >3 mJ
  • No flammable solvents or gases present around the bag

Why Procon Pacific?

At Procon Pacific, our clients are top priority. When you choose Procon Pacific to supply you with Type B FIBC solutions for your bulk packaging needs, you’ll benefit from our complete industry knowledge as well as our dedication to customer service. Our team of experienced and highly knowledgeable consultants will work closely with you to determine exactly what your needs are and how we can meet them. We’ve become known as the most trusted bulk bag manufacturer because we understand our customers’ requirements and how to combine in-house and outsourced capabilities to manufacture and deliver the highest-quality FIBC bulk bag solutions in the marketplace. If you’re ready to work with the best FIBC provider in the industry, contact Procon Pacific today and learn what we can do for you.

Type B FIBC Characteristics

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