Hygiene & Standards

One of the most critical concerns for our clients is the quality and cleanliness of the environments in which our products are produced. At Procon Pacific, we are committed to the strictest standards of hygienic production and have designed the production spaces in Jiangsu & Shandong from the ground up to meet the strictest standards.

Procon Pacific has its own Quality Control personnel, who have a full understanding of the demanding nature of our global clients’ quality and hygiene needs.

Some of the key aspects of hygiene and quality our company engages in are as follows:

  • Non-Glass or Safety Glass Environments
  • Off-the-Floor Production
  • Light Tables
  • Pest Management
  • Sterile Environment Control
  • Separated Packing Areas
  • Separated Liner/PE Work Zones
  • Imported Hygiene Equipment (non-local)
  • Metal Detection

Our production workshops have been designed per AIB and HACCP standards. Procon Pacific is pleased to announce that we have received Grade A certification from the BRC, British Retail Consortium, for packaging and packaging materials since 2012.

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