About Procon

Procon Pacific is a global FIBC sourcing and procurement consulting firm. Formed in 2004 in order to fill a critical void in the FIBC market place, consulting services were soon added as a separate division to better serve our multinational clients and expand our operational footprint.


Through proven supply chain partnerships and the completion of one of the world’s most advanced FIBC production facilities in January of 2012, Procon Pacific is able to provide world class packaging products and on time delivery where and when it is needed across the globe. Our focus is on becoming a global leader in the bulk and semi-bulk packaging industry. A 12,000+ square meter dedicated production space provides a capacity of roughly 40,000 high quality FIBCs weekly. Superior quality control based on AIB, KOSHER and HACCP production control standards is embedded throughout the facility to insure the highest possible quality on our clients’ critical projects.

This commitment to quality extends throughout the Procon Pacific organization and supply chain, beginning with sales and customer service, and continuing through the production and order fullfilment processes that bring our products to your doorstep and into your customers’ docks.

We are confident that once you experience the superior value offered through Procon Pacific, you will not only be satisfied, but will enjoy true peace of mind about the quality and security of your FIBC supply chain.

Procon Pacific - Global Packaging Solutions